Brake screech - this rs3's last chance

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Brake screech - this rs3's last chance

Postby perroverde » Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:20 am

'My' rs3 is actually the mrs's ride and she is now so bored and annoyed with the whole brake squeal thing that she returns it every week to the dealer (blackburn, who in fairness are sympathetic and give otherwise excellent service). However this week will i think be the fourth or fifth time she's sent it back, so you'd think that they too must be getting bored and annoyed with it. She is adamant that she will keep dumping it back on their forecourt till it's sorted and is now starting to say she wants her money back or a different car, which I think is a great pity as it's otherwise a great car (and i like driving it whenever i get the chance!).
The dealer has so far come up with various failed solutions and explanations including 'it''s because the pads are 'meant for the race track not for the road' (!!!). For my own part screechy brakes don't bother me that much but I can understand that she says she hates the way it makes people look, comment etc especially in carparks, shopping streets etc to the extent that she doesn't want to drive it any more. I've trawled this forum and others and see other people with the same problem and that some have reported back to Audi uk, but is anything being done collectively? If so, please could i be added to the list (happy to give full contact details by pm) or if not am happy to take the lead and collect other folks' details to forward to Audi. This could be this particular RS3's last chance of a reprieve!
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Re: Brake screech - this rs3's last chance

Postby Knobby » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:57 pm

Ha ha. I do feel your pain have you driven it much and stamped on the brakes? It does help.

I know Audi are working on a solution and its pretty close.
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Re: Brake screech - this rs3's last chance

Postby RYes3 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:44 pm

There is a fix if you are willing to apply it yourself of get an independent to apply it for you? I will email you a pdf with instructions if you send me your email address.

This isn't my fix by the way but that of a very passionate RS3 driver :)
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